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DC Connected Ai JOY
DC Connected Ai JOY
DC Connected Ai JOY

Your technological companion in the field of vehicle diagnostics.

JOY is not only an AI, but also your trusted companion in the world of vehicle diagnostics. Her job is to help customers and automotive technicians identify and solve technical problems faster and more efficiently. Thanks to her learning ability, JOY becomes smarter with every interaction and every new data set.


"Hey, I am JOY"

The future of
remote diagnosis.

JOY is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence specifically designed to revolutionise remote diagnostics in the automotive industry.

JOY is not just an AI - it's your trusted partner, collecting, analysing and training data across manufacturers through our advanced remote diagnostics platform.

DC Connected Ai JOY

Continuous learning and adaptation.

JOY never stops learning. With every new vehicle problem it analyses and every solution it proposes, it gets better. It continuously adapts to the changing requirements and challenges in the automotive industry.


This means that with JOY we can always be one step ahead.

"What´s the problem?"

Your virtual technician.

Remote, automated and intelligent.

Whether it´s recording the customer´s problem description, checking the fault memory or finding a repair solution: 

JOY takes over the work in automotive aftersales so that you can focus on the relevant topics.

With the diagnostic intelligence JOY.

Remote diagnosis on a new level.

By using our remote diagnostics platform in combination with JOY, vehicle problems can be detected and fixed faster and more accurately.


JOY collects and analyses data from vehicles of different manufacturers. This cross-manufacturer capability enables JOY to identify patterns in fault patterns from different manufacturers.

DC Connected Ai JOY

The security of your vehicle data has top priority.

We understand how important the security of your vehicle data is. JOY is designed to keep your sensitive information safe at all times. We use the latest security measures and encryption technologies to ensure that your vehicle data remains safe and secure.

"The future of remote diagnostics is here and now."

Would you like to get to know JOY better?

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